Monday, August 4, 2008

How To Dad

A view into the realm of Dadizm or How To Dad 101

You have to fit in your hobbies where you can so getting a new tat from Jaime King has to be done on your off day as a Dad.

I'd like to say that you get used to the pain after 3 tattoos, but you don't.

Hey Jaime, which way is the beach?

The key to being a good parent is making sure your kid doesn't grow up to be lame.

This can easily be prevented by letting your son hang out at skate shops like Goods.

People like Huffman work at stores like this and are perfect "Uncles" when you need them.

Chicks love dudes that skate. Case in point Hot Mary all over Baby Zeus.

Of course women will wear you out and you need to let Little Casa Nova sleep when you can.

But as soon as you get up you can go skate some more.

Cooking is mandatory if you don't want to suck as a Dad. Don't be fooled though cuz we still get down on mac n cheese and hot dogs like no one's business around here too.

The next morning I caught Lenox wearing his "yoga instructor's" outfit. I feel stoned just looking at it.

More cooking. This time it's waffles. I'm not gonna front like I "cook" waffles. They're f*ckin Eggos.

Good morning sunshine.

LK = Lady Killer.

Good Dads take their kids to parks and sh*t like that. We went to this hidden view in Queen Anne with Uncle Billy.

My Posse Is On Broadway!

If you look carefully you can see Billy. Just look for the purple shorts.

Faux falling.

Gleaming the cube in the parking lot.


Skating with Lenox and he's only 2. I could quit my job as Dad now since he's pretty much set for life.

But why quit when you can eat turkey sandwiches and listen to Minor Threat at lunch time.

This will make you want to quit sometimes. He got mad cause we couldn't skate anymore. Don't believe me? You try and take his board away. No, no I'll wait. I dare you.

It's best to sometimes let them learn on their own.

Another quick break for Dad this time it's Grime City Sunday on the patio.

Baby Hawksworth stays posted like a thumb tack.

Launch Pad dons a hoody sans tee shirt. Filthy.

Oh and Dr. Knock Boots came with me.

The last shot of the weekend. Dad and son walking home to go to bed.

Life is good...

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