Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Too Much Music

I realize I have been posting a lot of music and little in terms of SDTW content. My contention is that free music is better then content any day of the week.

Truth be told. I am currently busy as all hell with projects up to my eyeballs and working at a warehouse full time. There just isn't much out there at the moment that is catching my eye. Consider it a creative New Year's hangover.

Anyways, there is some big time stuff coming to the blog in just a bit:

- Best of 2007 Lists from a lot of the SDTW regulars and cohorts
- Heavy Manners/Tribe of Kings presents "Fire Pon Dem" Mix by Dasheye and hosted by Sizzla Kalonji
- Please read the line above
- Working on a book/film project for a pretty well known graffit artist t.b.a later
- Tradeshows Suck Post
- And other goodness

Bear with us folks!

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