Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Message to Babylon

There was a time during the summer of 06' I would watch "Rockers" every night. Since I bought the movie however many years ago I can't remember exactly I have watched it probably over 200 times.


I'm not even sure. It's like background music for contemplative thoughts I suppose.
Anyways, most people have never even seen or heard of "Rockers" but it's a must see if you have any interest in Jamaican culture or reggae at all.

From a cinematic stand point Rockers doesn't bring too much, but the fact that it is one of only a handful of movies to ever be filmed in Jamaica makes it worth watching.
It's story is simple and the soundtrack and music scenes are amazing.

The movie has cameos from almost anyone you can think of from the era:

-Jacob Miller
-Dirty Harry
-Gregory Isaacs
-Burning Spear
-Mighty Diamonds
-Joe Gibbs
-Dr. Alimantado
-Joe Gibbs
-Big Youth
-Kiddius I
-Robbie Shakespeare
-Leroy Smart
-Jack Ruby

Rockers on IMDB

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