Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Satan's Christmas List

Things Santa brought me:

Above: Acapulco Gold Varsity Jacket

Ed* I have never paid more then $200 for a jacket until now and technically since it was a gift certificate to TurnTable Lab I still haven't.

Above: "Skinheads" by Nick Night

Ed* My partner called this one a "classic" in the culture. I call it a design weapon

Above: Dumbo: Acts of Vandalism and Stories of Love

Ed* Mom Dukes bought this per my recommendation of course, but it's still cool to get crazy graffiti books from your Mom

Above: Mac Book 13 inch cocaine white

Ed* Now this is buy far the best present I got since my last Mac Book which was almost 6 years ago.

My whole life has been improved and run by these little boxes of rad. My new laptop came with Leopard and a built-in camera so many more features that I don't even know what they all do.

Thanks to Big Coin and Broseph you guys are way to kind.

Hope your holidays were as good to you.

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