Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Johnny Osbourne

I found this cd in the dollar bin a couple of years ago. It seemed like everything was straight about it except for what has to be the worst album cover ever in the history of design. Reggae music tends to have some of the best and worst album covers out of any genre you can think of. This one obviously falls into the latter category.

Sorry Johnny. Having your "bredren" do your cover for you after a chalice session turned out to be a bad look aesthetically. Regardless of the low budget cover the music contained within is pretty damn good. Obviously the Radics are the session band for this one and you can see what years it's from so I dont have to go into great detail about either of those.

The stand outs are "Back Off Ringraft" "To Kiss Somebody" and "Nightfall"

Also I think the track cleverly titled: "Marijuana" has to be some sort of error because it has to be someone else singing and it almost sounds like Linval Thompson, but I can't say for sure. Sub-note* Unite please comment and let me know what you think.

Anyways this is a decent piece of Johnny's catalogue, but I would definitely grab his early Studio One stuff and his Jammy productions before stepping to this.


1. Back Off Ringraft
2. Crafty Dub
3. To Kiss Somebody
4. A Kiss Dub
5. Reach The Top
6. Rude Boys
7. Nightfall
8. Nightfall Dub
9. Love Come and Goes
10. Girl fo My Complexion
11. Quashi
12. Marijuana

Johnny Osbourne Meets Roots Radics 1980-1981

For more on Johnny Osbourne peep his catalogue: HERE

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