Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hugh Mundell

This album is to roots what "Illmatic" is to hip-hop. Any reggae Top 50 list worth it's salt is going to have this album in it's Top 10 or Top 5 for sure.

And why not?

It is a flawless piece of music if I may say so.

Contained within the nine listed tracks are some of the best roots tunes ever recorded. Hugh Mundell was only 16 years old when he made his masterpiece opus. One of my reasons for making such a bold comparison to "Illmatic." Ya feel me? Nas was 18 when Matic' dropped but you get the point.

Not only was he just 16, but he wrote every song on the album.

The album was released in 1975 and would eventually receive a perfect 5 star review from Rolling Stone. The record itself wouldn't be what it is without Augustus Pablo's melodic touch throughout and it doesn't hurt to have Robbie, Horsemouth, and Chinna Smith , among others involved on the music side of things either.

Mundell's emphasis on the year 1983 would ironically come back to haunt his fans when he was shot numerous times while riding in a car with Junior Reid. It isn't clear why he was murdered. Some reports say it was a robbery and others say it was an argument over a girl. Either way he is just one of many reggae stars taken from the world by the gun.


1. Let's All Unite
2. My Mind
3. Africa Must Free By 1983
4. Why Do Black Men Fuss and Fight
5. Book of Life
6. Run Revolution a Come
7. Day of Judgement
8. Jah Will Provide
9. Ital Sip

Hugh Mundell "Africa Must Be Free By 1983"

Ed* I didn't include the dubs just to save on bandwidth, but if enough people comment about it I will post them up.

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