Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown was a reggae artist that had world wide appeal and was still heavily revered in JA. The first never guarantees the latter which might be surprising to some. Jamaicans are a notoriously fickle fan base and they can be down right cruel if they feel an artist has gone "foreign" and forgotten about the "real" fans.

Dennis however remains Jamaica's greatest son.

There's no official number but a safe estimate would say his total number of albums released lies somewhere between 75 and 100. Unfortunately, Dennis would die after suffering from a collapsed lung and cardiac arrest on June 30th, 1999. His body suffered from poor health after years of addiction to crack and cocaine.

His earlier works with Joe Gibbs and Niney The Observer are some of my favorite roots tunes of all time and his later works with King Jammy and Gussie Clark aren't too bad either.

I compiled a small mix from his gigantic catalogue all these tunes were recorded some time between 1974 - 1976.

Track List:

1. Here I Come Again
2. No More Will I Roam
3. If You're Rich
4. Show Us The Way
5. Why Fool
6. Lightning And Thunder
7. Open The Gate
8. Cassandra
9. Run To Tough
10. Africa
11. Some Like It Hot
12. Whip The Jah Jah
13. Conqueror
14. What About The Half


Dennis Brown Roots Mix mp3

Rest In Power Dennis.

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