Sunday, September 9, 2007

It's Wu Mutha F*cker

Be honest now besides Ghostface the Wu Tang Clan have made zero impact with any of their collective releases in the last 5 plus years. Arguably the best thing to happen to the Wu besides Ghost's output would be the El Michaels Affair and with no schedule release for the much anticipated "Cuban Linx 2" on After Math Records there isn't much to believe in for Wu fans.

Some people heralded Masta Killa's "No Said Date" as a return to the old sound, but I can truthfully say that the only Wu projects that I've purchased or made the effort to get a burn of are Ghost albums. This is coming from a guy who would buy ANYTHING that had a "W" on it.

You name it and I had it: Killa Army's follow-up, The Swarm Comp, La The Dark Man, Killah Priest, Theodore Unit, Cappadona's second album, Sunz of Man, Mathematics.

I think the only thing I passed up back then was Wu Gambinos and that's because I have a little thing called dignity.

Let's just hope that the new Wu album "8 Diagrams" leaves a lasting mark that "The W" and "Iron Flag" didn't even bother to do.

Wu Tang Clan "Watch Your Mouth" mp3

Taken from their new album "8 Diagrams"

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