Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heavy Manners in Boston

Good news to all my Boston readers. Heavy Manners just got picked up by the infamous Bodega Store and should be on shelves next week.

Bodega Store is hands down one of the best shops of any kind ever. They have a secret sliding Snapple machine door for god sakes. If that wasn't enough the people that work there are top notch like Kem 5 and the store is simply amazing in every regard. Even if you aren't into clothing, sneakers, etc most people would still go to this store just to look at it.

Big ups Boston.

Check out BDGA Store:

Bodega Store (Boston, Mass)

Bodega Store on Freshness Mag

Also tonight come check out Bonde Do Role at Neumo's in Capitol Hill

I took this horrible pic at the Diplo/CSS/Bonde tour in SD. It's a cruddy pic, but it kind of somes up the ruckus that ensues when they get going.

Shout out to Diplo and Dave Switch whom I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with and discussing Jamaican vacation tips and dub plates woes.

Back by popular demand...


Diggin' In The Links:

Marc Ecko brands Bonds' ball forever

Ed* I have always been a big Marc Ecko fan, not that buy I Ecko brand clothes, but more a fan of his projects and drive. This was easily one of the most creative things done this year bar none.

U.S wants 190 billion dollars for war

Ed* So if you don't read the news Canada now has a better dollar then we do and this kind of sh*t is the reason why. Thanks Congress.

LAPD may be off the hook for killing Biggie

Nasty Style

Ed* I love simples.

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