Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hot and Not

Things I am feeling at the moment:

Karate Pants
Ed* I'm wearing some right now as a matter of fact. Step up your fashion game folks.

The Secret
Ed* Before you accuse me of being some idiot that reads "new agey" type books I'd suggest you read the book first and then talk to me about it. You remember books right? There those things you used to roll L's on top of.

Trailer Park Boys
Ed* This show is no secret among the "bong hit" contingency of the television populace, but for those who continue to sleep on this show get with it. Imagine The Office in a Canadian trailer park un-edited with some of the best writing/acting that has graced the small screen.

Mastodon Official Website
Ed* Ass kicking metal that owns everything. With lyrics about mythological creatures, ancient stories, crazy beasts there isn't much more I could ask for from a band. For more like this I'd also suggest Dragonforce

Greg Oden Out for the 2007-08 Season
Ed* I wouldn't want to wish an injury upon someone, but the NBA is a competition not a patty cake match. This just validates how good the choice to pass on Oden was and why KD is going to "beast" this coming season.

Honorable Mention:

This Is England (The Movie) drops on Friday. Oi!

Things I am not feeling at the moment:

1.) Coffee shits
Ed* Don't act like you don't get em'. It's every offices dirty little secret that no one talks about.

2.) Racking food
Ed* I am getting sick and tired of racking food to eat. When are my numbers gonna hit on Lotto?

3.) Baseball
Ed* Is there a lamer sport out there? I can't pick what I loathe more the WNBA or baseball?

4.) Cold Calls
Ed* For those who are in the know. How bad do those things suck?


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