Friday, October 10, 2008

Tristan Palma

* Look how serious dude's album cover is?

More rub a dub ting for the massive. If you're coming here for some rap shiz don't bother cause I'm on a dread takeover and will be for a while.

Tristan Palma comes with it on this one. Again we have all Radics on the back end, but with a man called Jah Thomas on the production tip which ain't a bad thing.

This one really conveys the whole roots to dancehall transition I've been talking about. It is worth noting because there are only so many records that do it right.

Enjoy this one because it has some heat on it.

And here we have another album cover jammie which features Tristan posing with a guitar of alll things.

Track Listing:

Innocent Man
Give Me Your Love
Lonely Man
Got To Praise Jah Jah
Joker Smoker
Peace And Love In The Ghetto
Two Timer
Ghetto King
Lover Man
Give Me A Chance *bonus
Time So Hard *bonus
Give I Girl *bonus
Joker Smoker (12" Mix) *bonus

Tristan Palma "Joker Smoker" 1982 Re-Issue

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  1. my name is Pam Gallegos. I sang background vocals in a duo called The Daughters, and me and my friend Tibisay Wong-Diaz sang for Tristan Palma on a tour he did with One Destiny in South Texas. it was the experience of a lifetime. Tristan is a wonderful artist and a very nice person to work with. I'm so glad to hear that he is still doing it!!! Respect!!!