Monday, October 20, 2008

Six One Nine

Just got back from San Diego again.

Good trip.

Lots of sun, rental car debauchery, mexican food, friends, sheep masks, swap meets, bbqs, painting, and such.


Let the mutha burn.

Algot only buys American champagne none of that pussy French shit around hurrrr.

Meeya gets around.

These boots are made for stylin.

Two words: Snake Eat

When zombie dogs attack.

I wish my wife would paint something this epic for me.

"Algot as King Diamond" by Kristi

Art print of an escaping alien with alien corpses strewn about.

Gratuitous dog wiener shot courtesy of Roscoe P. Howl

Algot explaining to us how he believes his dental retainer was in fact stolen out of his home and that he has a Nike Cortez footprint to prove his theory. As of yet no police reports have been filed.

Bar D with Niki G.

Booger Monsters painting by Persue in Niki's pad.

Bumsville women only allow the hunkiest dudes to visit on the weekends i.e myself, The Hulkster, and Tony Danza a.k.a The Boss.


I don't like getting jerked around by TS prostitutes just be honest with me and everything will go a lot smoother.

If you think this looks gay wait until you see the video of it. Way gayer. Is that a word "gayer"?

Sarah's family has gone through a lot over the last few years. It's a real shame cause they were a really good looking family.

Is it weird that I prefer Rusto?

When you're on a real good one, I'm mean like you're really tryin to give er' like Nick is you gots to get some water in ya.

Tookie however thinks water is for total pussies and would never drink that shit. Also hats off to the Tookster for managing to brown bag a 18 pack of Tecate.

My mind started playing tricks on me.

Never has a picture told so much. Best pic of the trip hands down.

San Diego X-Mas decorations. We get an early start on the holidays.

You'd be surprised to see who's body these grizzly looking things are attached to. I however am not.

Sheep Gang playa! We sleep in any weather.

Real talk. I used to work for City Pizza.

We all hate Pete's guts. Here that Pete? You fuckin' loser.

I never got this dude's name, but he seems like a good enough dude. You can tell cause he wears corduroy hats and that kind of thing is usually reserved for like really cool Uncles that teach you how to roll joints and let you sip off their drinks when your Mom isn't looking.

You think you're fashionable cause your tee matches your kicks? You're a loser. You couldn't hold this dude's jock strap b.

This is where we keep the dead suffocated children.

I took this photo for TJ.

You don't work EITHER!

I can't tell if this is supposed to be a Charlie Chaplin nesting doll or just some dude. Either way it is strictly the purest of the pure.

Diamonds in the rough.

Don't fear him.

Honey sign drips.

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