Thursday, October 23, 2008

Augustus Pablo "Original Rockers"

Someone asked me to post my favorite dub album. Granted I can't say that I listen to copious amounts of dub. I prefer dub versions that still use the vocals versus just straight instrumental only dub. It makes the song have that haunting vibe when they delay the vocal parts of the tune.

Also if you listen to a lot of dub you'll notice that sometimes you can hear a really low level track of vocals in the background. Now if you're hitting the chalice too much you might just think you're hearing things, but I think it is actually due to the fact that most Jamaican studios had only 4 tracks to mix with so if you were trying to use just the bass or drums track you could still hear the singer in the background because they were limited on the number of tracks.

Yeah, I'm that much of f*cking reggae nerd. Sad.

Now this pick may seem like a cop out because it's a no brainer for a dub album, but I think it's because it is simply just so good.


Track Listing:

1. Rockers Dub
2. Up Warrika Hill
3. Cassava Piece
4. Tubbys Dub Song
5. Jah Dread
6. Brace A Boy
7. Thunder Clap
8. Park Lane Special
9. New Style
10. AP Special
11. Tubby's Dub Song (Dub Version 2) *
12. Brace A Boy (Dub Version 2) *


Augustus Pablo "Original Rockers"


  1. this album is really good, ive heard a few select songs from augustus before. but you got an awesome blog man, the music is killer. weve got the total same taste in music, it was nuts when you through that last resort album up there, blast from the past. but yeah, thanks for the tunes man.