Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heavy Manners in The Fader Mag Again

As promised "Can't Frighten" by Heavy Manners & Tribe of Kings mixed by Dash Eye featuring Demarco.

We chose to debut the mix exclusively through The Fader Magazine as they pretty much are the final word for all things dancehall as far as magazines go.

Just like last year's mix this one features exclusive dubs from dancehall's elite i.e Demarco, Michael Rose, Konshens, and Boom Steppa.

Getting these tunes is a huge pain and a very time consuming process which Dash Eye typically handles for us.

At any rate this one came out ramming and we're really proud of it.

Hopefully this one will hold you over until next year.

Special shouts to: Tribe of Kings, Lemon Red, Fader Mag, DJ Eleven, and Dustin of CDLC for all their help.

Click Here To View Article and Download The Mix

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