Friday, October 24, 2008

Til' Death

I forgot about posting flicks from my vacation to Vegas a while back. My friends Algot and Kristi a.k.a Krigot got married in what was hands down the most epic wedding I will most likely ever attend.

When most white folks get married you can expect a few things:

1.) At some point during the festivities the dj will play "Love Shack" by the
B 52's (cringe)
2.) Everyone will either complain or praise the food throughout the whole wedding
3.) Some fat chick will be way too dramatic about how pretty the bride looks and cause a total scene

None of these things happened thankfully and this wedding took about 5 minutes in total of ceremony leaving the rest of the night for throwing craze.

The view from the party at the MGM Grand suite 22 second floor

The lovely couple. Not pictured was the HUGE dick stick of margarita Kristi was slurping down. It was 11 a.m.

To all old people getting their fuck on: Gross! Sike. If you got some ass by the pool and want to pug on a cold aluminum Budweiser then by all means do you.

In an Algot stylee.
* That tee he's rocking is soon coming

Upon your arrival guests were greeted with the wedding poster that you were instructed to autograph. Keep in mind that all the relatives signed this thing. Talk about metal up your ass.

Guests were also treated with free locs that had custom K & A Surf Design logos on the side. True quality always stems from the little details.

¡Saul and his hiena whey!

The Fierce a.k.a Desert Winds

No boring ass tuxes around here.

I think I'm becoming way too much of a Seattlite lately. Flannel much?

You no run sound system like we. That's 8 o.g boom boxes connected to one i-pod if you're wondering.

Tim's mom taking shots of vodka.




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