Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Last Resort

My buddy Jaime hipped me to Last Resort a while ago and I've had this cd in my car ever since. My knowledge of Oi! is pretty limited, but the subculture has been something I've been reading about in my free time for the last few years mainly due to its parallels with reggae and the fact that the originators of the Oi and Skinhead youth movements were some of the first groups to embrace reggae and immigrant Jamaicans in the UK.

Wikipedia defines: Oi!

"The general ideology of the original Oi! movement was a rough sort of quasi-socialist working class populism. Lyrical topics included unemployment, workers' rights, harassment by police and other authorities, and oppression by the government. Oi! songs also covered less-political topics such as street violence, football, sex and alcohol. Although Oi! has come to be considered mainly a skinhead-oriented genre, the first Oi! bands were mostly comprised of punk rockers and people who fit neither the skinhead nor punk label."

All that being said just download the record even if you're not a fan of oi or street punk and see if you like it.

Last Resort "A Way Of Life: Skinhead Anthems"

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