Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back In Action

I finally got my own camera again. I suppose if I bought less soft-core porn and Twizzlers I could have accomplished this feat earlier, but patience is not my strongest virtue.

Anyways, as you can see most of my subject matter is Lenox, food, and delinquency. That pretty much sums up what it is I do on the weekends. Once I get to tweaking with this camera expect some more "artsy" type photography, but until then you'll just have to suffer with whatever I feel like posting.


F*ckin with Little L will get your picture on a milk carton or worse on his tee shirt.

Bottled Coke is the only way to drink.

Posted like a thumb tack.

The only two names that matter on the wall.

When Lenox doesn't land his tricks he gets a serious case of hockey temper which typically leads to him throwing his board all over the place.

We take donuts very seriously around here. Top Pot Donuts nuff said.

Lenox only drinks the finest chocolate milks.

Future meal ticket.

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