Friday, January 8, 2010

Mash Out Posse

Forgive me for slipping on this one.

I have always kept M.O.P in a special little place in my heart of hearts.

They Billy Danze and Fame a.k.a Fizzy Womack are the only two people besides my mother that I will let yell at me.

M.O.P is hit or miss. They always have been. They either make a really good song or a real shit one, but watch out when they make a banger because that thing will wreck your Mazda speakers in 5 seconds flat.

It doesn't hurt that Premiere fucks with these dudes constantly. Together that trio have been responsible for some of the most hardcore tracks of the last decade plus.

This go round we only get one Premiere track, but the album sounds good all the way through.

Get your Mash Out on Brrrraaaaapppppp

Best track on it:

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