Friday, January 15, 2010


Has it really been ten fucking years since this joint dropped?


Time flies.

At any rate this song is still the jimmy jam.

Also propers to Monsieur Killa Keo Lord Scotchford Shabazz for making one of the best rap album covers of all time.

Happy Friday fat girls!

Also if you didn't know. If you ever need a good laugh look no further than Youtube comments. People say the lamest shit on the internet primarily in Youtube comment sections. Not sure why. I guess because everyone is a fucking critic and or a music scholar. Look below at just the first one I saw.

For real dog? How does one find a music artist on their own, blood? What were the brilliant steps you took to find such an "obscure" artist? What you walked into a fucking Sam Goody? More likely someone recommended Doom to you at a fucking poetry slam while you were riffin some poem about an oil spill to impress some girl from PETA that you invited to the coffee shop.

And yeah, fuck mainstream. Mainstream is SO wick wack.


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