Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Macho Tail Drop

Don't quote me on this, but this might be an actual good movie that has skateboarding in it.

Again this has NEVER happened in cinema before save for Gleaming The Cube.

The formula to making a good skateboarding movie is actually quite simple.

Yoou just need to make a good movie THEN add some skateboarding into the story. Key word is "some" here people. Just sprinkle in a little. Don't go and make some "Just one kid and his skateboard against the world" bullshit. That was only allowed in the 80's for a short while. Mostly during the time when audiences were succesitable to monatges example.

If you make a movie around just skateboarding that uses the "Rocky" formula you end up with Street Dreams.

With the script being full of gems like:

Dad: "Don't you realize that you're throwing your life away?"

P.Rod: "I'm not throwing anything away."


Props to GT

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  1. Paranoid Park isn't to bad. it was kind of "arty". yeah thats what they call it.