Friday, January 15, 2010

Why The Fuck Is Hockey Not Ruling The Sports World?'


In this one snap shot we see so much that represents how awesome the NHL really is.

1.) The little young blood in the Oilers jersey with "kill, kill, kill" all in his eyes. That kid is going to a.) not be a pussy b.) probably be the leader of some middle school gang c.) lose his virginity by 12.

2.) Long haired hoser dude laughing (probably because he just smoked hash in the parking lot) while shotgunning beers with his step dad "Todd".

3.) Little girl in the pink jersey pounding on the glass. Now that my friends is just too precious.

4.) Dad clapping at the bottom? He is applauding violence. Case closed.

Dear ESPN,

Get your shit together and start showing hockey and dare I say reporting news about hockey? Baseball is just so weak when compared to a sport that puts blades on your feet, makes you play on ice, gives you a stick, and LETS you fight.

Is it really even a contest?




  1. They're better athletes too. Hockey is the best.

  2. It will never catch on in America because we need a winner and a loser.Fuck investing three hours of my life for it to end in a tie even if they kick the shit outta each other every once in a while.

  3. They changed it blood.

    That is the OTL stat.

    2 points if you win in ot, 1 if you lose.

    It's not popular because they don't play rap during the game, Pubs.


  4. agreed, but probably because I'm Canadian.

    I caught a rugby game in Paris and that was the shit. America needs more rugby.