Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RIP DJ Khaled

Sad news struck the hip-hop world earlier this week when it was reported that world renowned rap personality DJ Khaled was found dead in his home in Miami. The rap icon had fatally slipped on a banana peel while chasing his pet Maltise who he affectionately named Khaled Khaled.

The rap community at large recently mourned their fallen comrade at a private funeral which was held in the Dade County area close to Miami just yesterday. Miami was where the infamous rap impresario called home.

Many of the patrons spoke about the sudden passing to some of the press that respectfully waited outside the property.

"The funeral was da best," said Eric Sharron (Khaled's 17 year old nephew)"Like for real everything was da best. The service was da best. The appetizers was da best. The coffin was da best. It was how like Khaled would have done it if he was ya know, alive."

Even singer/songwriter Akon attended the service and took the time out to comment on his close friend "It's tough man when you lose one of your friends like this. I started reminiscing about the first time Khaled used the word "nigga" on wax (laughs). Right after he yelled it he looked up all scared, but we just laughed cuz' we all knew he didn't really mean it cuz you know he was like Middle Eastern and ay'thing."

The forty two car procession that ended the hour long service was a sight to be seen said many of those who were in attendance. Numerous and extremely exquisite automobiles paraded down in single file for nearly 25 miles of road that led back to Miami. Of course all of the vehicles had the windows down so that on lookers and lucky enough bystanders could hear the dramatic urban melodies of Khaled's music pouring from the cars. Ed-Note* by "music" we mean music that he didn't produce per say, but music that he paid to have made then got someone famous to rap over and then he released, so I mean really it's pretty much his music. Plus you factor in all the shouting and all the "we da bests" and you end up with a catalog of rap that is nearly unparalleled by any non-rapper or non-producer in the history of the genre.

He was only 35.

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  1. I know you don't like him and I've seen you make fun of him before.... but I can't help but love/own/blast all of his albums. I got scared when I saw this and googled it to know that my favorite arrogant beat maker shitty MC was OK. And he is. So he can get back to obnoxiously yelling over his beats now that I admit to loving.