Wednesday, June 25, 2008

San Diego Trip


Baby Zeus getting brolic at the beach

Ay yo ma!

Amazingly Brett kept his shirt on the whole night

The muscles from Brussels a.k.a Lenox's Godfather Matt

F*ckin Geary

Two good blokes

Peter Peter Caviar Eater

Pinche Vince and Taylor


Nick and Mr. Notgoodatdriving Brad

Stop crying and do some push ups

Rime pieces at the Versus Store/Gallery

Ruby is rugged like Rwanda

Shred stick

Good googly moogly

O.G Triple O.G Travis Parker

Versus Store window displays. Nice.

Best dinner of the trip at Linkery with Persue, Trav, and Ker

To everyone I didn't get to see sorry I will catch you all soon.

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  1. *So* glad you had a great time in SD. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. Thanks for sharing the photos. :-)

    Peace Out,
    G Pappy
    G Mammy