Friday, June 27, 2008

Heavy Manners/Kellen James/Venture Ad

Heavy Manners isn't in the business of paying for advertising. We sort of feel paying for it is for wankers.

So we simply sit back and wait until weird twists of fate happen like this Venture Trucks Ad for our good friend and recently turned pro Kellen James.

Peep the Heavy Manners/Street Machine shop tee all up in the switch pop shuv sequence.

Here's a close up of the tee:


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOSH gotta love it when you get those BGP's I remember once seeing a tag I caught right behind this news ladies head as she reported from a murder scene in the CD,not as good as Kerse's I AM LEGEND hit but still.

  2. OOosh indeed. There's no press like free press. Especially handstyle jammies.