Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Articles of Faith: Complete Vol. 1 (1981-1983)

I instantly liked Articles of Faith the first time I heard them.

"Bad Attitude" is in my Top 5 Hardcore Songs of all-time, easy.

AOF is a noteworthy group from the hardcore genre mainly because of Vic Bondi's lyrics. He had a lot more to offer in that department versus the whole "I'm hardcore/fuck you/I hate stuff" tunes which were more the norm then the exception during that era. Granted, those ideals are kind of what make hardcore what it is/was in some ways.

At any rate, Articles of Faith had musical chops to boot and played fast and intelligible hardcore that anyone could co-sign and get down to.

I chose to upload the first volume of the Complete Discography seeing as it has all the early stuff.



AOF Discography/Web Page


Articles of Faith: Complete Vol. 1 (1981-1983) Full Album

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