Thursday, June 5, 2008

David Choe

I am very particular about that artists that I truly admire and follow. That being said I have never been into David Choe in the slightest. His work just simply wasn't something that I enjoyed aesthetically. He always seems to be everywhere and even with his huge following I still never payed his work any mind. I had heard stories from different friends of his about how out of pocket he is and how he just racked everything and would bomb on a moment's notice.

Enter his new documentary: Dirty Hands

After watching just the trailer I can see that the stories are quite true. I feel like this is a good lesson for me to learn and share. Although, you may not like someone's work or brand etc simply writing them off truly serves no purpose. Look for the qualities that you can admire or identify with. What has hating on someone ever accomplished? There isn't a single statue in the world that was built for a critic.

All that aside I am not about to go run out and grab a David Choe book, but I can totally respect his urge to grab a can of flat black and just bomb whatever comes into his mind just for the sheer fun and love of it. That is a feeling I can truly identify with.

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