Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bad Religion: How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

Not gonna lie to the masses. I was late to this one too. My first encounter with Bad Religion was much later then it should have been. I think it was in 1994 when "Stranger Than Fiction" dropped. I used to listen to that album quite a bit at the time, but you also have to keep in mind that my concept of punk at the time wasn't much more then two Offspring (cringe) albums and NOFX.

Obviously, I came to and got with the program, but my brother Jeremy put it in my head that I was sleeping on the older Bad Religion catalog and should post it up.

I give you the creme de la crem of B.R.

Their first full length recorded on a $1,000 loan from the guitarist's dad. Way to go pops.


Track Listing:

1. "We're Only Gonna Die" (Graffin) – 2:12
2. "Latch Key Kids" (Graffin) – 1:38
3. "Part III" (Bentley) – 1:48
4. "Faith in God" (Graffin) – 1:50
5. "Fuck Armageddon... This is Hell" (Graffin) – 2:48
6. "Pity" (Graffin) – 2:00
7. "In the Night" (Gurewitz) – 3:25
8. "Damned to Be Free" (Graffin) – 1:58
9. "White Trash (2nd Generation)" (Gurewitz) – 2:21
10. "American Dream" (Gurewitz) – 1:41
11. "Eat Your Dog" (Graffin) – 1:04
12. "Voice of God is Government" (Bentley) – 2:54
13. "Oligarchy" (Gurewitz) – 1:01
14. "Doing Time" (Gurewitz) – 3:00


Bad Religion "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?"

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  1. First all the bad brains, then gorilla biscuits, followed by AOF, now this?! SDTW is on a roll! keep it up!