Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ignorant Rap Mix: J-Zone

Ed* If you looked like J Zone you probably would have developed a sense of humor as well

Of all the music and mixes that I will post up this one is hands down the most socially "irresponsible."

I don't really know anyone who has this mix really save for Trademark of all people. The only way to have gotten it was you had to purchase a J-Zone album from Sandbox Automatic way back in the day.

J-Zone made a string of classic albums in the early 00's that were sort of a head of there time in predicting the down fall of the "backpack" scene and usually found J Zone criticizing the very fan base that supported him. When he got ready to drop his third album he chose to include a little mix that he had whipped up.

The mix was simply called "Ignorant Ass Rap Mix" and was just a little promo mix you got for buying the album. It features gems of some of the most misogynistic, gorilla pimptastic, sick ducking, dookey shoot, style rap ever compiled.

While avoiding the better known material of most of these artists and strictly picking out tracks that found them rapping about the worst of the worst subject matter J-Zone sort of created a mix that is better then almost any serious rap mix I own.

It encompasses several genres including, West Coast, G-Funk, Miami Bass, Dirty South, Bay Area, NY 90's, and even a little New Orleans high hat and snare ish.

I don't have a track listing, but really most of these tracks really need no introduction individually because the mix as a whole is what makes it worth listening to.

Stand outs include joints from: Triple Six Mafia, UGK, Poison Clan (from Miami), old Master P, X-Rated (Bay Area), Eazy E, Big L, Biggie, Too Short, Sugafree, and a lot more.

Track 13 by 3 Six is easily the most irresponsible, misogynistic rap song ever crafted save for maybe UGK's classic "Pregnant Pussy."

Download it, but remember you were warned.

Ignorant Rap Mix by J-Zone

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