Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big L

Taken from "Dangerzone"

"The microphone is through when this rap legend grab it
Sendin poems to have them faggots diggin hoes like Reverand Swaggart
L's the nigga that crime follows
I'm hittin fine models and stabbin punks with broken wine bottles
I beat chumps til they head splits, then break em like breadsticks
I sex chicks, I'll even fuck a dead bitch
Always sprayin Tecs, because I be stayin vexed
Some nigga named Dex, was in the projects layin threats
I jumped out the Lincoln, left him stinkin
Put his brains in the street
Now you can see what he was just thinkin
I'm chokin enemies til they start turnin pale
Satan said I'm learnin well, Big L's gonna burn in hell
Front and get scarred cause your rap style ain't even hard
I run with a thievin squad, and NONE OF US believe in God."

Here's an oldy but goody that many have probably forgotten about:

Almost 4 years ago I convinced Shepard Fairey to add Big L to his list of iconic music artists for a brand I was running at the time. It nearly took a year, but he did it.

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  1. why have i not gotten one of those big l shirts yet!?!? i put you on son!!!!

    like heav, i got nothin but love for you honey.