Sunday, February 3, 2008

Real Shottas

I found this documentary on t.v a while back, but never could find it online.

British actor Ross Kemp goes into Jamaica to interview "shottas" = Jamaican gangsters, and attempts to find out how exactly Jamaica earns its title as one of the murder capitals of the world.

Ed* I really don't believe that the average American has any concept of how rugged Jamaica really is. Having been into Jamaican music and culture since I was about 16 I've come to find that Jamaica is easily one of the worst countries in the world to live in from a socio-political and economic stand point.

The stereotypical post card like image of palm trees and sandy beaches could not be any more contradictory to what it is really like to live in Jamaica. The government and police have a shoot first and ask questions later mentality and murder is the norm not the exception. The news never truly reflects this view of Jamaica and for good reason. Jamaica depends on tourism as its major source of income and no one wants to vacation in a war zone. For the real story on what happens on a daily basis in JA you have to look to the music.

Dancehall music reflects the feelings and sediments of the Jamaican people much like hip-hop did for inner city populous of America's African American communities. It is a daily struggle just to eat in JA and most go without then with in the country.

Watch the documentary and see what it really is like in Jamdown.

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