Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Iron Mike

Please do yourself a favor and watch this clip.

I know for myself and most guys from my generation Mike Tyson represents more then just some crazy dude that bit off Holyfield's ear.

Iron Mike was the example of what it was to be the best in world. He was referred to as the baddest man on the planet. By the end of the 80's he had won all three championship belts (the first fighter to ever do so) and had beaten every major heavyweight contender from his era.

His downfall started in 1990 with his controversial loss to Buster Douglas. When he lost a lot of people were in true shock. No one thought of Mike as a saint by any means, but he was always the people's favorite. Buster Douglas was a joke and would lose the title in his first fight having to defend it.

As most people know Tyson's troubles would only get worse after the loss with the rape case, conviction, divorce, drug charges, becoming a Muslim (sort of), the Holyfield saga, trying to break Botha's arms, bankruptcy, face tattoos, and many other press worthy en devours.

The clip above captures some of Mike's best and most quotable moments none being greater then his post fight speech addressed to Lennox Lewis and his children.

All this being said, I personally believe that most of my generation knows that there will never be another Mike Tyson in boxing or in the sports world for that matter.

He may be a fallen champ long past his prime, but the idea of Iron Mike will always win out over the real life person that is Michael Gerard Tyson.

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