Saturday, February 2, 2008

Eazy E

The concept of "beef" in hip-hop and rap is so tired that it almost garners zero interest from fans at this point, but there was a time in hip-hop and rap when "beef" was a serious matter.

As in the case of Dre and Eazy E the words between the two came from a very real place and were meant to make listeners take sides.

Obviously, "The Chronic" was an unstoppable album that no one could dethrone.
Eazy's response to Dre and Snoop's diss track "Dre Day" would come in the form of "Real Mutha F*ckin G's."

Lyrically Eazy's track would be considered the winner, but the damage was already done and "The Chronic" would be too much to compete with. Eazy's sales would decline massively and he would later die from AIDS before Dre and him could reconcile their differences.

Taken from Eazy's Second Verse:

"I never met an OG who never did shit wrong
you tried to dis the Eazy-E so now nigga it's on you
and you Doggy Dogg, think your all honk and shit
both of you bitches, can come and suck my Doggy's dick
beating a bitch don't make you shit, but then again some Niggas
think it makes a man, Damn it's a trip
how a Nigga could switch so quick from wearing lipstick
to smoking on Chronic at picnics, and now you think your bigger
but to me you ain't nothing but a bitch ass Nigga
who ain't worth a food stamp, but at
Death Row, I hear your gettin treated like Boot camp
gotta follow your seargents directions, or get your ass
pumped with a Smith and Wesson, learn a lesson from the E
Stay in your place and don't step to Real motherfucking G's..."

Ed* The lipstick and picnic rhyme is just too good. Dre must have been bummed.

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