Tuesday, February 26, 2008

DJ Greyboy

Of all the things that you'd expect to download on a Wednesday morning from this site I seriously doubt you thought there would be a Greyboy album not to mention an instrumental "breaks" based album at that.

Truth be told I was quite the backpack hip hop connoisseur in my day and have the records to prove it. Anything from the golden 90's I most likely have or have heard. So if I get the bug I will post up some albums that any 25 - 30 year skate delinquent should of had from the period.

Now this Greyboy album is not some esoteric gem from that era per say, but I think it's a decent album of well known and lesser known breaks that were popular in that era and it's good "working" music. Simple drum breaks with some added instruments layered behind it and that's all folks.

So for now just settle.

DJ Greyboy "Greybreaks"

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