Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Still Diggin In The Links (D.I.T.L)

Vice Don't
Ed* You never let me down Vice

Spielberg calls China huge dickheads
Ed* Most actors/famous people come off corny in their "philanthropic" efforts, but this one was kind of cool

Weezy is going to prison
Ed* Everyone's favorite rapper is finally gonna get his big wish and do a stint in the big house if he is convicted

Augor Strikes Again!!!
Ed* Name any other writer that is putting the quality of spots and pieces that this guy has been doing...No, go on I'll wait

Saber:7th Day Project
Ed* I have never truly enjoyed Saber's style per say, but I can fully appreciate his talent. Oh and how many people can do this piece with two cans and a paint brush?

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