Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ordinary Kids

Looking to get a website for your brand? Flash animation, video, design?

You need one company to do it all?

Get at the Ordinary Kids.

I have been doing art/brand direction for the last 5 years and finding a good website designer is about as easy as finding a good pizza spot in China. To add to that task finding designers that come from the same background i.e skateboarding, punk, graffiti, hip-hop, delinquent behavior and the like is even harder.

This makes the Ordinary Kids even more rare.

My good friend Persue (COD/SUK/7thLetter) put me on to there work and it is quite good.

The client list is top notch:

- Rebel 8
- Adidas SB
- Superfishal
- Aesop Rock
- Venture Trucks
- and some projects that will have to remain nameless until they are released

If you are into really good graphic design and animation it is worth a look.

Ordinary Kids Website

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