Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer time in the city of Saint James

And here comes another one....

These next couple of photos do a good job of showing youy what aa typical day is like in San Diego in the summer time. San Diego is so slept on and I think I like it that way.


Most of my Seattle cohorts have no idea that I have the crazy stupid whip back home. I miss this car a lot and I don't even like cars. Sure she's seen better days, but she's still a good time.

Nick trying to blow smoke up my ass.

Salazar's isn't the first taco shop that comes to mind when you're downtown, but it's pretty hard to beat. Taco shops in San Diego are like coffee stands in Seattle i.e EVERYWHERE.

One of the greatest of all time.

Victor drawing out a new tat for Justin.

The world famous Street Machine bano. After hanging at this store for nearly 3 years I finally got caught up by some Panda Express and had to swallow my pride and take a deuce in that sweat box. It's a foul and dodgy little bathroom with nothing but skate posters and hate scribbles drawn all over the walls. Also if you stand over 6 feet be prepared to sit sideways due to the lack of leg room.

King of The Arena. Big Germs posing on my borrowed Vespa.

I think the chicano/gangster aesthetic is at it's all time peak in terms of popularity, but this tat is surely one that deserves a double take.

Victor's unfinished back piece.

Thoughts from Derrick.

I saw Pablo for about 3 seconds. My bad P.

Nick's desk.

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