Monday, July 23, 2007

New Job

I got a new job working at a real estate office in downtown Seattle. I went and sold my soul to have mass appeal. Well actually I sold it to have a decent hourly wage and free parking, but who's counting?

At any rate my new work schedule has slowed my posts down, but I'll be back with the daily posts soon enough.

So for now just settle.

Diggin In The Links:

50 and Yayo diss Ghostface
Ed* I truly have no energy to make a whole post about this but I will say this if you are another rapper's weed carrier which we all agree Yayo is then you have no room to talk EVER. For more on weed carriers see: Memphis Bleek, Flip Mode Squad (all of them), Terror Squad (all of but excluding Remy "Pistol Carrier" Ma), Bravehearts, and St. Lunatics

Lohan gets another DUI and gets caught with blow
Ed* Seriously? Lohan is making most rappers look weak right now. She's straight smashing the "crazy" game right now.

Troops set to be in Iraq at least through 2008

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