Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stupid $hit of The Month

Now anyone that reads SDTW faithfully knows I don't really discuss "streetwear" at all regardless of my work history and involvement in the clothing business. Anything negative about "streetwear" has already been said and the complaints all sound like broken records.


When I come across something so lame that I actually take the time to publicly acknowledge it then you know it has to be monumentally dumb.

Case in point. The "collab" between ultra cool guys Bounty Hunter and Commissary. The tee features the tagline "All Other Stores Suck."


By "other" stores you OBVIOUSLY mean stores besides the stores that are brands that they actually carry like: Stussy, Supreme, and Undefeated to name a few.

Not to mention that if you search through some hype website you'll probably find at least 2 "collabs" with other stores.

I mean printing tee shirts doesn't exactly make you the Yakuza of retail.

Way to go you guys are officially SNORING!!!

A little piece of friendly advice: Don't put down the demographic that supports you and don't do t-shirts that are about as cool as a bag of dicks.

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