Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Coming Back from Cali

I'm coming home tonight after 2 weeks in SD. I have pics galore from the whole trip. Big shouts to everyone: Nick, Matt, Carly and Lou, Icepick, EJ, Justin, Brian, Petey, Germs, Nokso, Unite, Dash, Rashy, Marcus, Jester, Peril, Drew, Cat, Crystal, Adam, Kristy, Vince, Trademark, Derrick, Chauncey, and everyone else.

On the tarmac during sunset.
P.S Don't ever fly into San Jose for a lay over

The next day it was bbq time at Vince's crib in downtown

Custom capris by Justin

Lenox thizzin

Large up


Trademark on his iPHONE, rubbing it in mind you.

The Super Twinz

Baby snatchers

As the Japanese would say "Barrrrrrrriiiiinnn."

Brett and Ms. Ya'll Know Who

Petey in front of STM avoidng lurkers...

This is part 1 of probably 10 photo posts from this trip. Gotta a plane to catch.

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