Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The 4th

My 4th of July was kind of lame. I ran around trying to find something better then what I left and I ended up just riding around San Diego instead of staying kaput and lighting fireworks and blowing up $hit.

The following pics do make the day look nice and tranquil though.

Rocking hipster bbq where I hung most of the day listening to Interpol and eating hot dogs.

Close your eyes and wish for two 22's of Modelo.


I didn't wish for Drew posing like a wigger next to me but what can you do?

Resq has lived in SD too. Small world.

Cat showing some leg.

Psycotropic weather

A puggle nakmed T-Bone

A rat named Security. Security? Who thought of that? Next time you're doing coke and listening to Belle and Sebastian refrain from writing down all your "really good" ideas.

A picture from one of my many boring walks that day


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