Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gully Vs. Gaza

That's it.

I'm done following this stupid fuckery until after Sting 2009.

I'm guessing (anyone feel free to correct me) that Bounty accused Vybz of piercing a.k.a bore his tongue.

So he replied saying that previous accusation was indeed false and that Bounty in fact uses his tongue to lick buttholes or something to that effect.

So yeah. This is pretty fucking lame and is about on par with rap.

Even dancehall is getting lame these days.


1 comment:

  1. Yeah I've been listening to that Aidonia tape quite a bit.

    I copped that Deva tape too, but haven't listened to it too much.

    I do however disagree with you about Kartel. I don't care about all the hypey hypey, but how you gonna say that he is bringing the culture down? Bounty is saying the same idiotic shit back so they are both at fault there. Also Mavado didn't win Sting 2008. There wasn't a clear winner and in the end it was all hype. "Last Man Standing" crushed though.