Friday, November 13, 2009

Company Flow

Now for a late 90's classic. I remember exactly what store I bought this from to this day. It's one of those records you can re-discover over and over because of the sheer density of lyrics and beats. Co Flow never did anything after this as a group. The only member to really carry on the torch on a major level was El-P with his two solo releases which are both really good.

Perfect drawing music if you ask me.

Check "8 Steps To Perfection" to get an idea.

Go crush fun


  1. I love the fact that they sample Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain one of my all-time favorites through out the album."More workers needed in the miniature plastic bomb shop" the movie is better than the album but I was feeling the shit outta this joint back in the day and I just broke it out about a month ago for a listen and Skip is right on the density of lyrics and beats it takes the test of time.

  2. company flow, the toughest penis sucky sucky

  3. hell yea. good lookin out. definitely agree, sampling Holy Mountain was fuckin genius.