Friday, November 6, 2009


To demonstrate even further how little I care about other people’s opinions on music here for your listening pleasure is one of my favorite albums EVER.

Motherfucking Nirvana: Unplugged

That’s right.


Now don't get it twisted god. This doesn't mean I like Sublime too. It doesn't work like that. Nirvana is the exception.

I was having a discussion with Dr. Hound last night about music and we were discussing the difference between being open minded to other music and just not liking bad music.

The best way to explain it is like this.

I listen to everything from Morrissey to M.O.P. That is the spectrum I'm fuckin with. So in theory I don't dislike any one genre in particular, but I mean bad music is easy enough to identify in any genre if you know how to spot it.

I’m nearly 28 now. I am not going to listen to some new wave raptronic group called Lazer Awesome or something equally as lame. Nirvana is way better than all of those tight jean hipster electro psych rap hop idiots that seem to be everywhere these days. The blogosphere and hipsters will try and convince you that they are some "new shit" but I can tell you right now that I know re-packaged techno when I hear it. Electronic music is not new. It's been around since well probably since they invented I don't know......electronics?

I’m sorry, but that doesn’t do it for me. So if liking Nirvana makes me some musical dinosaur then by all means call me a Flannelasaurus.

And just so we're clear. I know dick about music. I like what I like and know a little background info on some of the shit I post, but please don't think I'm John Cusack in "High Fidelity" or something like that. I have about 14 pieces of vinyl tops. I prefer having sex with women than pretending to be some sort of musical blog scholar.

P.S Heroin is still stupid kids. Don’t get down with the brown.

Sing that shit Kurt


  1. it's unamerican to not like nirvana. seriously though, who doesn't like them?

  2. This album is timeless. The first time I listened to it I was 14 and my two best friends were inside losing their virginity to a couple of 8's. I was on a deck lookin out across the city thinkin I should probably go, but I just listened to the cd instead. I didn't even go inside and peek or anything.

  3. I'll say it, not a fan of Nirvana. That was a good album though but most unplugged albums are. Alice in Chains wins the title of best unplugged in my opinion. And Sublime is fucking classic.

  4. woww, from Morrissey to M.O.P... really running the musical gamut there brah