Thursday, November 5, 2009

Eek A Mouse

Besides being a total a-hole Eek A Mouse makes good music or more importantly made good music. His impact on modern deejay style can not be denied regardless of how looney dude is off stage.

Also how is it I can't talk to one of my friend's about Eek A Mouse without getting some sketchy story that involves one of the following: cocaine, Oceanside, shady apartment complex, underage girls?

Track Listing:

Sensee Party
Looking Sexy
Modelling Queen
You Na Love Reggae Music
Always On My Mind
Do You Remember
Na Make Mi Girl Go Away
Fat And Slim
Where Is My Baby

This actually might be his best long player. It's all rub a dub and doesn't actually have any digital tunes at all.

Production by Linval Thompson, Channel One Studios, Radics.

Skip Dip Skip Dip Skip Dip Eh


  1. Wow...rumours dem a spreadin? Cant say nuttin bad about the Mouse. Thats my hero. Plus, he even named that album right there after you, Skip.

  2. I wish they were rumors.

    Ask anyone in SD about The Mouse and you will get the same story every time.

    I still listen to his music all the time, but he is sketch ball for sure.