Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Charlie Pratt

I came across these photos via Mare139's blog on 12oz. Right away I knew who's handy work it was. The design was done by Mare 139 which is cool and all, but mocking something up in Illustrator and painting the whole thing on the side of an 8 story building are two different things folks.

Some perspective.

The dude on the left is an old friend of mine named Charlie Pratt. I've worked with a lot of artists/designers I will refrain from name dropping, but if you read SDTW a lot you already know I've worked with enough to know a thing or two. Charlie however is criminally slept on in the popular art world and popular culture as a whole.

This dude can paint anything. ANYTHING! Any medium, fonts, letters, photo realism, cans, whatever. The only reason nobody has heard of him is because he's one of the few people I know that refuses to "play the game." He doesn't care about being on your t-shirt, your limited sneakers, a fucking Bearbrick (whatever the fuck those are) or your blog. Hell, he probably is mad I'm talking about him right now. To be frank Charlie would rather have a cold beer than a sneaker collabo any day of the week.

That is why he is one of my heroes. There are very few people who can do what he does everyday in the Big Apple, but there are even fewer who could do it without thinking they were the shit. Charlie just lets the work doing the talking.

Also the dude next to him on the right is Baby 168 who gets double daps for putting in work on New York's transit system and doing sign painting. And good looks for giving credit to Mare 139 with the little tag they threw in.

Remember kids when you meet a bitter old dude who isn't fond of trends and dressing like a 14 yr. old it is probably because they have a little thing called sense so remember to button your lip when they talk.

And I would link Charlie's site if he had one, but ah see.....that's how rugged dude is. Although, I caught him with iPhone last time I saw him.

And back to regular assortment of stupid shit I find on the internet that doesn't make you think.

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