Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Yankees Suck


They do.

Liking the Yankees is the equivalent to liking Nickelback. Just because they are popular doesn’t mean it is good. Mediocrity is always the most popular.

Also baseball as a sport sort of sucks too. Playing it is cool, going to the actual ballpark ain’t all that bad either, but watching it on tv puts me to sleep.

If you really want to get into it the the 86’ Mets team were infinitely cooler than the Yankees. After winning the World Series they all got blown out of their minds and had an orgy with each other’s wives. Now that isn’t my style per say, but that would be a lot cooler than slapping each other’s butts and sharing steroid syringes.

So all you Jankee fans can hoot and holler all you want, but by and large no one really cares about you winning another World Series.


  1. The idea of them sucks. They obviously were the best team in baseball.

  2. i mean, i am a born and raised mets fan but i have to respect the yankees. george steinbrenner took one of the shittiest teams in baseball and made them what they are today. how can you hate on that?!