Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Street Where?

Just so we're all on the same page here.

Can every brand stop trying to pretend that they are all of a sudden some "sub-luxury" line that offer both "clever" graphic tee shirts and "traditional" pieces?

You aren't fooling anyone.

You can't have a t-shirt that has swear words and tits on it and then make an oxford button up and expect me to take you seriously.

Leave the classics to the pros and stick with what you know. Which I'm guessing is impressing 16 year old virgin dudes with inappropriate t shirt graphics that their moms prohibits them from wearing to family gatherings.

If you really want to get into particulars about it you can see a very distinct point in popular fashion branding where the trend to become sub-luxury became the standard and a lot of companies drove up their cost per piece up drastically.

Because of their inability to produce large numbers of these new "sub-luxury" lines they created new lines with a high wholesale price per item. This led many stores that were once only carrying tee shirts, hats, and fleece pieces to cough up more money per order and they got stuck holding the tab with a whole bunch of back stock "street" inspired rubbish that couldn't move no matter how much they discounted it.

If someone wanted to buy a properly constructed item like an oxford button up or a 3 button wool jacket than that niche customer was gonna do it anyway, but not at a store that sells tongue in cheek logo parody tees and gaudy fluorescent hoodies.

It's fine to be either of those types of brands just don't try and insult us with the idea that you're all grown up now and are capable of both.

This whole "why think for yourself when you can just copy someone else" "logo flip" culture is so boring.

I'd rather see lines create something original and stop worrying about keeping up with the Jones'. It's okay to just go for it. Those are the companies that are the most fun to watch. I mean I'm sure if you offered me 6 figures to be a cornball I would sign up in a second too, but it's never to late to start being original.


  1. this post is on point.
    with so many retailers holding the weight of the streetwear industry don't be surprised to see more brands following the same fate as LLcoolJ's Sear's line. discontinued.

  2. There are about 5-8 significant streetwear brands. No one cares about the rest. There will always be a market for small brands with a msg or personality. out.

  3. Wrong picture. Fred Perrys always been worth the extra buck. Theyve been doing their same old thing for years and its still fresh

  4. This is written with eerily candid industry insight. I'm with Chris though, Fred Perry is one of the quintisential "heritage brands" for Mod/Skin/Punk/Hardcore culture. And find when they do it right, its right on. The thing with Fred Perry is there are 2 types of customer, those who can pull it off and those who might get mugged for the shirt off their back by the guy who actually can pull it off.