Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Joose Day

Going against my better judgment I decided to attend Joose Day with Baby Zeus. It was actually quite tame and it turns out there was a full on water park right there that Lenox played in for nearly 3 hours.

You ain't never thizzed? Where you from, Squaresville?

Look at these little guys. How could you not want to be 4 again?

We all hope this man never breeds. Lord knows he loves "practicing."

Nick Set Byrd Gang ppprrrrraaaaaapppppppppp!!!

The last thing a rape victim sees before they die.

Joose Bros.

Ice cream song starts bumping and Bradley goes running. Look at him, practically salivating at the thought of getting his greasy mitts on a Astro Pop.

Water melon.

High fives.

These assh*les were at Cal Anderson Park earlier in the day. Hey! This ain't Quebec you f*ckin loons. Go do your Cirque De So Lame crap somewhere else and stop harshing my mellow.

This was an lcd menu for the hot dog cart outside the War Room. You know the one I speak of. It's the one that turns what you think is a great late night snack into painful diarrhea the next morning also known as "Bud Butt".

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