Monday, June 29, 2009

Visting with Unite

I stopped by to visit my long time friend and sometimes co-conspirator for all things dancehall Mr. Unite of the famous Tribe of Kings Sound. There are very few people who share all the same obsessions I do. Things like obscure 7 inch reggae records, graffiti non sense, and snapping on lame dudes, and Mr. Hugh Knight does all of those and then some.

The Arab owned liquor stores always have way better product than the usual Anglo owned and operated types. Take Bong Vodka for example. Part bottle, part bong, all vodka.

Early B cover. One of my Top 5!

Let's Chill with Frankie Paul. Or maybe not?

Easy Martin.

The original bad man.

Swap meet style dry cleaning.

One of my favorite people on planet earth. FYI that jersey is "jahthentic" if you were wondering.

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