Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pop N Bottles

SDTW has never been ruled by one subject. I mean if you asked me what SDTW is about I wouldn't even know what to say. In a way it only serves as an outlet for whatever is going on in my head and made public via the internerd.

I still trip out that people even take the time to check it every day.

That being said: I do take the time to talk about Lenox a.k.a Baby Zeus (my son) when ever possible. Being a dad is the single most important job I've ever been given and I put him first before anything else I do.

There is no real place to turn to on the web for dads especially younger ones. Don't bother proving me wrong.

Pop N Bottles is hoping to change that. My new buddy James has created a forum basically for dads where they can here some "real talk" on subjects ranging from nesting, picking god parents, to the suck that is pre-natal classes.

If you already read SDTW and you have a kid than you have basically just hit the jackpot. On the other side of the coin if you read SDTW and are planning on having a kid DON'T! Most of you guys are scumbags and should not be breeding.

Check it out:

Pop N Bottles

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